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Evenimente Marketing Online

Astăzi suntem prezenți la The future of marketing cu Martin Lindstrom, eveniment organizat de BrandMinds.

Vă ținem la curent cu ceea ce Martin ne va prezenta, aici pe blog și pe pagina noastră de Facebook. Pentru a prinde cât mai multe informații, vom scrie în engleză. Enjoy! 🙂

<Part 1>

About myself in a nutshell: In the end everything that matters is the consumer. A explorer of small data.

Creativity is dying. We are so obsessed with numbers, that we forget about that we are humans. My goal is to push creativity back and to create a counter-balance from big data.

I am going to look at YOU today.

What is small data all about? It is all about humans.

We shoot selfies because we want to stock feelings, not for memories.

We need to wake up and see all the signals around ourselves.

How honest are you on your Facebook page?


Our page portrays the image we’d like the world to know us for. Everyone wants to be a bit more memorable. And deep inside the person still needs to be confirmed.

The space where brands are born is the gap between out of balance and in balance. This is the new definition of branding.

In the last 2 years humans have created 90% of all information ever created by our species.

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA. He was always at the cash register – where he finds the best information.

We are loosing our instinct. Biggest and most important asset. Pretend like you are that person, that consumer. That is what you can do. That is why you are employed.

Spend time with your consumer so you can become him.

Big data will change dramatically. In 2004 Google announced they can predict a flu outbreak with 4 days before it would begin. Recently, it was found that Google was completely wrong. Typing “flu” became viral and the data was not conclusive. Google cared about correlation rather than causation.

Small data is finding where we are weak and improve. Best way is to go to a store. Reactions, actions…can big data pick that up? We have tons of data but no real information.

Innovation is all about being bored.  When you are bored you tend to stay on your phone. Stop it. Observe people. Delete all stupid games from the phone. Your role is to be present.


<Part 2>

Predictive tehnique. We run predictions. The life of the next generation is dramatically changing. Girls are online 11 hours every day (SUA).

The most frequently used emoji in Russia is “Love”, in Saudi “palm tree”. Entire nations can be explained in one small data.

One set of small data is showing the arrogant mind, another memory bank (my collective mind), lubricant mind (thoughtful mind, the perfect person according to our parents), locked (the conflicts), staged personality (the online profile, carefully curated).

  • Look at how we want to lock ourselves more since there is transparency in the world. Teenagers are especially more insecure in our life today than in the past. The reason for the selfies in the morning is because they want to be part of the tribe.

*a girl takes 17 selfies first thing in the morning – to color coordinate and be in the tribe.

Our mind never reboots anymore, so why should our computer? (10 people in the room said they are rebooting every night).

Biggest opportunities for brands. We need a pause. And the pause can be a brand.

  • Almost every piece of taste that we eat/drink is a piece a memory actually.
  • The locked mind: One of our deepest conflicts can be found in the fridge. Friends are the ones that don’t ask permission to open the door.

[3 audiences that you need to visit in their homes: the ones who used it or using it, stopped using it, aspiring to use it.]

<Part 3>

Building a brand religion

There is no difference between B2B and B2C anymore. When I communicate as a business person I should talk to you as a private person.

Brands are built in our minds. The most powerful brands are like a religion – instead of USP, think of Holistic Selling Proposition.

What is common between religious and brands:

  • a clear vision (grandeur)
  • rituals (sensory appeal, symbols)
  • storytelling (enemy, mystery)
  • sense of belonging (evangelism)

How would I build a brand from scratch?

A clear vision – our goal is to create goosebumps. It’s reason for being. The reason the company is in business beyond making money.

  1. Lift your product and services to an emotional level.
  2. See things in different light.
  3. It showcases the added value to the world.
  4. It sets the bar high…very high


What makes your brand different?

Your fundamental values:

  • Brand vision
  • Supporting the claim
  • Spreading the word

Put your brand into a word: hope (Mother Teresa), peace (Princess Diana), innovationa (Steve Jobs). What is your one word?

Values can make or break a brand.


Peel the onion until you get to the essence of the brand.

From human to cuteness. Great branding is emotion.

<Part 4>

Sensory appeals

You know why you like beer and coffee? You don’t like it. It just reminds you of the moment when you’ve become an adult.

Have sound on your website. Use the senses. More associations, more loyal…


Can I smash your brand and still recognize it from pieces?

Smash your brand™ – icons, sounds, color, picture, smell, rituals, language, name, service, tradition. I can feel I am on your website, I am reading your brochure, without the logo.

Become 100% smashable – because you don’t use your logo at all.

The power of the enemies

How would you behave if the competitor would lead your company?

We want brands to have opinions. Define enemies. It unites you internally and externally.

  • The competitor
  • Social trends
  • Self invented character

Sense of belonging

Passwords protect dreams, fears, secrets, everyday reminders. This is an example of small data which is in every aspect of our life.

People have no community – ihavenofriends, friendsforever…talked about lost communities. We don’t touch people anymore.

We’ve learned that we have 2 ages – inner age and real age.


Somatic Markers

Sticking to the mind…something so dramatic you will never forget it. Small ideas that must brake rules. Ski slope in a desert: Ski Dubai

Social Media

Each one of you needs to have an editorial calendar to make sure people feel you are close.

ThinkUp – how your brand is doing online. 19 mil users.

Tap into the news every moment.

Every person with become a brand.

In the future, we will constantly change the strategy depending on what is happening in life right now.


We are hardwired by creating rituals.

Example Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Corona. Guiness.

I will leave you with this: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” (Benjamin Franklin)

Involve the consumer!

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**P.S: Scrie-ne pe alina@webdigital.ro o urare frumoasă de primăvară și mesajul că vrei să îți trimitem prezentarea lui Martin. Ea este accesibilă doar celor care au fost la conferință.

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